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Please review the terms and conditions below.


Designer/Salesperson must fill out Woodland Rewards registration form (signed by rep) and submit to Woodland. After approval by a Woodland marketing director, Woodland will then issue a Rewards ID#. 

  1. If submitting registration with your initial order, Rewards will be earned on your initial order.
  2. If submitting registration before your initial order, Woodland will hold registration until initial order is received.

Reward Amounts

$3/box on all boxes sold in price columns 2-8; $6/box on all boxes sold in price columns 9-13; earn an additional $3/box for selling any Paint, Glaze and/or Distressing products.

Reward Delivery

Rewards are credited to a Woodland Cabinetry Visa® Prepaid Card. Credit occurs in the month following shipment and an email notice will be sent to notify card holder of credit amount. Expect delivery of your Prepaid Card 6-8 weeks after initial Woodland order delivers.

Order Forms

Woodland Cabinetry Visa Prepaid Card Designer/salesperson must list Rewards ID# in “Ordered By” field on order form to qualify. Woodland’s automated computer system will not pay out Rewards without a Rewards ID# listed.


Dealer must do a minimum of $75,000 with Woodland and/or Artizen to qualify, unless starting out as a new dealer approved by rep and Woodland marketing director.


Displays, samples, and any product not sold on standard multipliers do not qualify (models, parades, discounted product, etc.). Additionally, product sold under non-standard programs may not qualify.


Dealer must not currently sell, display or take on any competing framed cabinet lines at the same price point as Woodland, unless approved by your rep.

Reward Card

Prepaid Cards expire 18 months from issue date. If your participation in the Rewards program is terminated for any reason, the balance on the card is available to you until the card expires.If you are an active participant in the Rewards program, you will receive a new card and your balance will roll over.

Reward Calculations

Woodland has an automated computer system that determines what constitutes a box and calculates Rewards totals. Moldings, accents, fillers, panels, accessories and custom components are not considered a box. Timing of Rewards payments may vary by 30-45 days. Any Rewards program concerns should be directed to your rep. Woodland customer service personnel cannot assist with Rewards questions.


Designer/Salesperson will receive a 1099 form if payments exceed $600 in any calendar year. It is solely up to the designer/salesperson receiving the Rewards to pay any local, state or federal taxes. Woodland is not responsible for paying any payroll, FICA or additional taxes of any kind on Rewards payments.

Current Display Maintenence

Dealer must have and maintain current displays, door samples and color chips.

Reward Card Dollars

Retain unexpired Prepaid Cards even if the balance is zero. The card will be reloaded with Rewards when additional Woodland product is ordered.

Woodland Dealers

If a designer/salesperson changes employment to a different Woodland dealer, he or she must reapply for the Rewards program to obtain a new Rewards ID# and a new Prepaid Card.

Previously Sold

No Rewards will be paid out on previously sold product prior to approved registration and issuance of a Rewards ID#.

Program Life

Woodland Cabinetry reserves the right to terminate this program at any time, for any reason, and at our own discretion.


All invoices must be paid within standard terms. Any dealer that falls out of terms may lose the program for balance of year.


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